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The industrial magazine "TECHSOVET premium" -, specialists for specialists, covers technologies, equipment, materials and services applicable to various industries. It's mission is to help companies in their search for business partners.

Full-color monthly magazine. 15 years on the market. Circulation: 12 000 copies, volume of 48-110 pages.
It tells about technologies, machines and equipment, materials, services of industrial issues. The problems are considered in terms of novelty, relevance and efficiency. The main task is to help companies in choosing products, services, reliable business partners.
Categories: oil and Gas complex, industrial Area, special Equipment, Construction, Energy.
Spread across Russia with a focus on large industrial centers.

620075, Ekaterinburg Russia, 85, Mamina-Sibiryak str., office 211. Tel. (343) 287-50-34

Website: www.tehsovet.ru 


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