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Commercial office/LINK S.C.: Szymonowica 20 str, 71-482 Szczecin, Poland; tel: WORLDWIDE (excluding CIS): +44 20 81446844 ; EUROPE: +48 91 462-3414; www.maritime.com.pl/en ,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

LINK was established in Poland in 1993, as an maritime publishing house and internet-oriented specialist in scope of Polish maritime industry. We aim at introducing an information system that will facilitate contact between Polish and foreign maritime companies. MARITIME PUBLICATIONS and MARITIME VORTAL can help you to sell your products and services or to find partners and suppliers. Now we are leading e-commerce Polish maritime services.
Implemented in Internet 1999.

Maciej Wędziński MP

CEO: Maciej Wędziński, MSc Eng.

Partners of the 5th International Maritime Business Forum SIMBF 2017: